Agostinelli Oli SRL


Agostinelli Oli Srl is the result of one of the Sapi SpA group’s first partnerships for the collection of used cooking oil.

Sapi SpA owns 50% of the company’s capital, with the remaining 50% held by the two partners, Matteo Silveri and Marco Agostinelli.

Agostinelli Oli Srl, with headquarters in the province of Ancona, was founded in 2013 by the members’ joint desire to establish a reference company for the collection and storage of used cooking oil in the Marche region.

The company has a deep understanding of the local reality, the logistics industry, and the needs of the local micro-collection thanks to the experience of the members, who were already working in the animal by-products sector on the territory before the company was founded. This knowledge allows the company to guarantee a high standard of efficiency of the service offered.

Agostinelli Oli Srl currently operates an R13 collection and storage facility for used cooking oil (CER 200125).

If you need a collection of used cooking oil in the Marche region, please contact AGOSTINELLI OLI SRL.



Via Poggetto, SNC

60030 Santa Maria Nuova AN

Telephone: 0731/246065