A noteworthy accomplishment was Sapi Green Oil Srl’s (SGO) acquisition of Oleos Srl.
This Sapi SpA group’s first partnership was formed in southern Italy, with a focus on the collection of used cooking oil.

Oleos Srl is a symbol of strategic renewal, accompanied by a vision of a national territory free of barriers and obstacles between the country’s north, center, and south regions.

Sapi Green Oil Srl, in collaboration with the Sicilian company Ecological Services La Fauci Srl (S.E.L. F. Srl), establishes Oleos Srl in November 2020, with its operating headquarters in Milazzo, Messina.

The partnership strategy is based on the union of Sapi Green Oil Srl’s national experience in the collection of animal by-products and used cooking oil with the expertise of S.E.L.F. Srl in the general collection of various types of waste and aims to ensure a high standard of collection service, taking into account the peculiar features of the territory of Sicily and adjusting operations accordingly.

As of right now (CER 200125), Oleos Srl serves as an R13 collection and storage facility for used cooking oil.

Contact OLEOS SRL if you need a collection of used cooking oil in Sicily.



Via Provinciale, 36

98040 Valdina, ME

Telephone: 059/534111

Email: info@oleos.it